About Us

to facilitate and coordinate medical support programs for

marginalized children affected by heart disease

ThapKenya is built for helping children with heart disease. The focus is families who are financially challenged and can’t meet the financial requirements for heart surgery or intervention.

ThAPKENYA has reached out to over 100 children and adults directly and over 1,000 individuals indirectly since its inception in the mid-1990s

The process was formalised for the purposes of helping families and raising funds with due processes in place..

Our Story

Take Heart Association Project is a non-profit organization and came into existence in the mid-1900s. The Founder Peter Mbogo Kamau (now deceased), initiated this campaign, as he felt the dire need for Kenyans to be made aware of the cardiovascular risk that they face today. THAP Kenya works with the objective of increasing awareness and prevention of heart disease and its contributing risk factors in Kenya. The campaign is an initiative to make every Kenyan pledge to have a healthier heart.

THAP is well-known among the medical community throughout Kenya as a lifeline for those families with little or no financial resources whose children are in critical need of cardiac care. THAP is currently the only grassroots organization of its kind, assisting them in negotiating the maze of paperwork and logistical procedures associated with obtaining the needed lifesaving surgeries for their children, as well as post-operative care. THAP provides diagnostic medical tests, pre- and post-operative medications, information on healthier diets and nutrition, and assistance in working with doctors and hospitals to arrange for surgeries. Without THAP’s assistance, these children would not be able to live healthy, happy lives.


"The one who does well, will be paid likewise." - Kiswahili proverb


Peter Mbogo Kamau

Peter Mbogo Kamau, THAP’s Executive Director (now deceased), founded THAP in the mid-1990s following the death of a close relative from rheumatic heart disease. Mr. Kamau and his relative traveled to India for her surgery due to the limited facilities and costs of heart surgery in Kenya. Sadly, she did not pull through. Due to a late diagnosis and the long period it took the family to raise the colossal amount of money required, her condition had deteriorated and she was too weak.She died and was buried in India.
He turned his grief to action, devoting himself full-time to helping the thousands of patients who suffer from heart defects and disease.

That experience and encounters from desperate families of heart patients seeking to raise money for their surgeries moved Peter to resign from his job as a tour guide and devoted himself to helping these families find a solution. Take Heart Association Project (THAP) was thus born out of grief and compassion for others.

THAP-Kenya Board of Directors

The board membership comprises of qualified medical doctors, legal adviser, administrators, business and development consultants and a social worker. The board further has co-opted individuals with a burden to assist in uplifting the living standard of the children.

Kenya has some good medical facilities, especially in Nairobi. The Mater Hospital, one of THAP’s hospital partners, has increased its pediatric heart care capabilities.

This is the most powerful arm of the organization to which gives technical advise and oversees implementation of organization policies


THAP’s vision is for Kenya to have a self-sufficient congenital heart program that can provide the necessary medical care to children and adults who suffer from heart defects and disease, especially for those who have few resources to pay for such care.


The mission of Take Heart Association Project (THAP) is to facilitate and coordinate medical support programs for marginalized children affected by heart disease, so as to restore health, hope and happiness.

ThapKenya provides a place to:

Heal Help the poor patients to undergo timely heart operations to have new lease of life

Compassion Counseling and intake of case history from the marginalized heart patients.


RELATIONSHIP We believe good trusting relationships are the driving force to individual and community transformation that enables flourishing life.

ETHICAL We believe ethical practices hold the key to a brighter future for Africa.

LOCAL We believe real and lasting change begins at the grassroots and must come from within local communities.

EMPOWER We believe in empowering the society by facilitating proper heart health.