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Take Heart Association Project facilitates and coordinate medical support programs for marginalized children affected by


Heart Disease in Kenya

The Ministry of Health estimates that more than 200,000 children under 18 years old suffer from heart disease in Kenya. About 50% of these have congenital heart problems of various types and severity”

Heart Disease In Children

A normal heart has valves, arteries and chambers that carry the blood in a circulatory pattern: body-heart-lungs-heart-body. When all chambers and valves work correctly, the blood is pumped through the heart...

Creating Awareness

It is estimated that every Kenyan has lost a family member or close friend to lifestyle diseases. Health experts indicate that heart diseases are on the rise since a lot of Kenyans do not have a culture to do regular checkups.

Together we can


In Kenya, children suffering from Congenital heart disease (condition like a hole in the heart) often go undiagnosed until it is too late. Help us perform surgeries to children in Kenya who suffer from heart problems.

ThapKenya champions the following.

  • Medicine

  • Heart Well-Being

  • Restoring Hope

  • Family

A kind heart costs more than a comforting voice


You can donate as per your will to TAKE HEART ASSOCIATION PROJECT and your money will be utilized for the surgery of a child suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.


It shall be even great if some of you can actually adopt a child i.e. sponsor a child needing cardiac surgery.


You can help us in creating healthy heart environment by:
● Fundraising for ThapKenya.
● Raising Awareness about Us and Visiting Us.